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Auto Dealers Market Smart with Outdoor LED Signs


There’s a new trend in the auto industry, and it has little to do with cars. With a struggling economy over the last few years, dealerships have had to look for creative new ways to adapt and innovate to survive. At a time when media consumption continues to splinter into smaller and smaller groups, these dealers have discovered they can create their own content stream – with outdoor digital signage.

Using VeriFone? Our Gas Price Signs Are Ready!

Digital Gas Price Signs are the Future of C-Stores.

We are excited to announce that we've integrated the Price Watcher™ point-of-sale (POS) interface with VeriFone, a leading manufacturer of site management solutions for convenience stores and gas stations. The integration allows c-store operators to automatically update their Watchfire Price Watcher signs using a VeriFone POS system.

4 Tips for Sign Sales Professionals

Sign Dealer Goals

New Year, New Goals?

The New Year is always a great time to review last year’s performance and set goals for the coming year. In doing this I find it important to list the positives of the past year, as well as areas for improvement going forward. All successful businesses take inventory and look for ways to be more effective with their business plan. The same holds true in the sales profession.

The Jordan Company Acquires Watchfire Signs


Watchfire Signs, a leading manufacturer of LED signs and digital billboards, announced today that it has been acquired by a fund managed by The Jordan Company, a middle-market private equity firm based in New York.

What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common

Photograping a Watchfire Digital Billboard

What do LED signs, UFOs and the Loch Ness monster all have in common? All three are notoriously difficult – and some might say impossible – to photograph. While LED signs really aren’t impossible to photograph, I’ve certainly seen enough bad sign photos to know it can be a challenge. And it’s an important step to get right. Bad sign photos just don’t do justice to the beautiful images LED signs can display. In the worst cases, these photographs show blurry, distorted and washed out images, even when the LED sign looks great in person. By understanding a few concepts and making adjustments to your camera’s settings, your LED sign photographs can improve significantly.

Foolproof Tips and Tricks for the LED Sign Permitting Process

Willards Volunteer Fire Dept Selby Sign Co W 19mm 32x80 Willards MD 100884

This is an issue we work through on a regular basis, and one I wrote about recently in my Digital Signage Today blog. These are my (foolproof) tips for navigating the sign permitting process.

Watchfire Signs Announces Grand Opening Celebration

New Production Facility in Danville, Ill.

DANVILLE, Ill. - (July 17, 2013) - Watchfire Signs, a leading manufacturer of LED signs, Price Watcher gas price signs and digital billboards, will host a ribbon cutting on July 18, 2013, to mark the grand opening of their manufacturing and office facilities. The expansion has added over 110,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space and 17,000 square feet of office space to the company's headquarters in Danville, Ill.

5 Things to Consider if you Have an Older LED Sign

Bill Cole Automall

Watchfire Signs Sales Director John Kunze was recently interviewed for a story in Digital Signage Today about the life cycle of an LED sign and when to consider an upgrade or replacement.

In the last 10 years, LED sign technology has evolved greatly. Business owners who were "early adopters" of the electronic message centers may be wondering if it is time to replace or update their old sign. If your sign is five or more years old, here five some key factors you shouldn't overlook.

1. Energy Requirements: Energy consumption has dropped dramatically as LED sign technology has evolved. Our customers have found that they can reduce operating costs by replacing older LED signs and particularly older bulb-driven signs. Ask your sign company to calculate an energy cost comparison between your current sign and a new unit of comparable size. The results may surprise you.

WBOC-TV/FOX21 Takes Hi-Def Outside with Watchfire LED Sign

WBOC 12mm Outdoor LED Sign

WBOC-TV and FOX21, in Salisbury, Md., have taken their commitment to delivering high-definition broadcasts one step further with the installation of their new Watchfire electronic message center.

In choosing a new LED sign, WBOC-TV/FOX21 worked extensively with Phillips Signs to find a dynamic sign “that looked as good as our television broadcasts,” explained Creative Services Director Mary Borger.

“Everything WBOC-TV/FOX21 does is in high definition, so we wanted an electronic message center that would reflect that,” echoed Ben Phillips, president of Phillips Signs in Seaford, Del., the stations’ long-time signage partner. “We only deal in Watchfire signs, and when the new XVS 12mm came on the market, the quality and resolution blew everyone away.”

LED Sign Catches More than Business for PA Jewelry Store

Decker Jewelers Minahan Sign Company w16 96x168 Evensburg PA 105940EDITED

With Valentine’s Day just days away and consumers estimated to spend $4.4 billion on jewelry this year, jewelers are eager to find the best way to attract new customers and increase foot traffic. Decker Diamond Jewelers in Ebensburg, Pa., has found an innovative way to do both with the installation of a high-resolution Watchfire LED sign.

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