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C-store Product Signage GuideYou already know that driving traffic to your store is a proven way to increase profits.

Join the growing list of convenience store and retail petroleum industry leaders who are using Watchfire LED signs and Price Watcher™ gas price displays to gain new business.

Learn more about signage solutions for convenience store and petroleum retail locations in this free product guide from Watchfire.

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Watchfire is not new to helping businesses like yours grow. When you download our free guide, you'll also get a sneak peek at some of the sign content we've designed for your industry. We can even provide custom content to help you make an even bolder statement with your LED sign.

About Watchfire Signs

Watchfire Signs designs, engineers and manufactures the best looking, most durable outdoor LED signs, Price Watcher gas price signs and digital billboards to help businesses and organizations increase visibility and drive growth. Headquartered in Danville, Illinois, Watchfire has manufactured outdoor electric signs since 1932 and LED signs since 1996. The company has created more than 50,000 Watchfire LED signs for convenience stores, gas stations, retail, banks, schools, places of worship and other locations worldwide. We protect your private information. (Read our Privacy Policy.)